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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sick Day

Yesterday was a stay at home sick day for the Prather family. I had a small stomach bug but Jesse was really sick. He really had a rotten day and we both didn't get any sleep the night before. Jesse is in training for a new position at work and he couldn't even make it to work yesterday. Today he had to go in even though he wasn't all the way better. I hope the worst of it is over.

I got more sleep last night and I feel better today. Over the last couple of days, the girls have been very active and I think it is so fun to feel them moving around like crazy. They are night owls and like to get crazy about 10pm - 12pm. I hope that isn't a sign of how they will be when they are here, keeping mommy and daddy up at night all the time.

Steven is going to come over and help me with the MBA class this weekend sometime and I spend 6 hours working on some formulas and I seem to be getting some of it, but I'm still not sure since I don't have an instructor to bounce ideas off of. I wish I could be at the ground campus where I can learn more, but I have to do what is best for the babies. I may not get an A in the class, but I think I will pass it and move on.

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  1. The one thing I really hate about this time of the year: everyone getting sick!! Sorry you guys got hit by it, no fun, and hope you're both feeling right as rain again soon.