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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Progress on the Nursery

I've been a little MIA on my blog so here is the latest update:

So Jesse finally finished the painting of the room this last weekend. We went with a light brown with a purple undertone and when it was on the wall it looked like a light purple. Sara helped start the painting the weekend before but Jesse put the 2nd coat on this weekend and we were ready to move on to the furniture.

My best friend Brea came over today and she was able to put both cribs together. We are still waiting for one crib mattress to be shipped to our house. It should be here any day. Now the debate on how to set the room up begins. The nursery has two blank walls I wall with a window and the last wall has the closet. It is really hard to set both cribs up with our changing table and find room to put a dresser in the room. I did take some pictures but I probably won't add them to this post until tomorrow.

I do feel like we are closer to getting things done for these girls. We have most of the big items purchased now including the two car seats, Double Snap n' Go stroller, side by side double stroller for after they are out of the infant car seats, and all the nursery furniture. We have tons of matching outfits and blankets and many toys and books. We feel blessed with help our families have given us. We also used craigslist to purchase the Snap n' Go, brand new in a box along with the next double stroller, hardly used.

Once we figure out the positioning of the furniture in the nursery, we will be just about ready for the girls to come home once they are healthy and able to enter into this world.

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  1. Congratulations! I'll have to send you an email - my husband just got an amazing deal on diapers/wipes from toys r us. Basically, we got the jumbo pack (200+ diapers) and 1000 wipes for less than the price of the jumbo pack. There was a $15 gift card involved and a 10% discount for buying both things together. Apparently, they have these deals on a regular basis.

    As for diapers - take as many as the hospital will give you!! We also found we had to use the preemie sized diapers for the first almost month - even the newborn size was too big. With twins, I'm guessing your girls are going to be on the smaller side (probably under 6 lbs each). Pampers makes the preemie swaddlers, and we had him in those until he was about 7-8 lbs. They are harder to find, but we really felt that he was leaking out the bigger diapers (and he kept getting plumbers crack because they slid down no matter how tight we made them!) He was tall and lean, and had a skinny tush - we found the pampers are better for skinny babies (huggies were kind of wide and gaping - good for those pudgeball legs!). We haven't tried out too many of the Costco/Sams/Target brands yet.

    Oh - and I had a hard time finding preemie outfits - after Micah outgrew the outfits, I found that Sears had a whole section of adorable preemie stuff. You'll probably want a few preemie outfits for the first week or two. I think we had 3 or 4 - those got us through until he was ready for the newborn size.

    Congratulations! - Tkeys