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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Productive Sunday

I feel a sense of relief now that I have my first week of homework finished. 1 week down 5 more to go. I spent 4 more hours on the week 1 work with the help of Steven looking over my shoulder and helping me to understand the formulas. I thought we would get done faster but he was here for 3 hours and then I spent another hour by myself going over stuff to wrap up the week and to get ready for next week.

I think the girls already hate math as well. They were giving me some good kicks and pushing on my bladder the whole time. I think I went pee 4 times during the 3 hour marathon of math. I don't blame my girls; they may have to get some help from Uncle Steven when they get older because mommy will not be able to help them for long.

I'm still trying to get Jesse to feel the girls kicking. I was feeling some good thumps when we were lying on the couch together but every time he would put his hand on my stomach, they would quiet down. Hopefully it won't be long because I can tell Jesse is really excited to finally feel them.

Tomorrow is another cervical length check. Dad will drive me down there and I just pray we get a good result because I am not going into the hospital 5 days before my baby shower. Wish me luck!

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