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Sunday, April 4, 2010

1st Easter Celebrations.....Long and Pic heavy

Today was the girls' first Easter. At first I wasn't going to do anything much for Easter, I wasn't even going to buy them baskets because I was thinking, "Well, they can't eat chocolate this year so why do they need baskets. Luckily, I got my senses back and decided they needed to have baskets to celebrate the holiday as their first and they can still get some plastic eggs, toys, and a new outfit. Next year they can get a little candy.

My parents were out of town this weekend so I was a little sad that they wouldn't be here to celebrate with us but I was glad that my mom lives with me and she also got the girls a few things.

Today I really felt guilty for not going to church in such a long time. As a little girl I remember wearing my Easter dress to church and celebrating Christ rising again. So far, we haven't taken the girls to church. Jesse and I haven't gone to church at all during our marriage. Jesse grew up without church in his life but my upbringing was different. I would really like to get back to church soon and give the girls the gift of God in their lives.

Anyhoo....back to the Easter Bunny fun. Here are the girls getting up in the morning to see their baskets:

Their smiling faces once they saw the baskets:

Check out all this cool stuff sister:

What are these egg things?

What are those silly things on your head sister?

After the fun at our house, we went over Brea's grandparents house to celebrate with them. Brea's kids enjoyed the Easter egg hunt and the girls watched all the festivities. We had so much fun. Here are a bunch of shots from the day:

Brea holding my girls:

Brea and Me with the girls:

Brea and I and all our kids:

Braedon and Riley:

Brea and I:

Brea's Family: Chris, Braedon and Cohen

Riley in Pink - Addie in Blue-Green

We had such a fun day and the girls were so worn out. I hope they sleep well and wake up refreshed. I'm hoping the yummy Easter food did not do anything to my weight loss. I will be posting my Monday morning weigh in tomorrow morning. Stay tuned....

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  1. So happy you came over! We had so much fun..I can't believe how big the girls are getting and they were just too cute in their outfits :)