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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fun at the mall

I try as often as possible to get up to the mall on Fridays with the girls. Some Fridays we have appointments or other things going on but when we don't we love to go visit with the Westrum side of the family. The girls love all the attention they get from Grandma Jean and all of their great aunts. Their second cousins love trying to entertain them as well. Overall we have fun playing in the play center and going to the food court for lunch.

This last Friday Aunt Shannon took some pictures of the girls and I together which is a rare picture opportunity. Normally, I am the one taking the pictures so it was a nice change to get in the pictures with the girls. Here are the pictures from the mall this last Friday.

Here is Haley and her friend holding the babies. The lighting was bad.


Grandma Jean and me feeding the girls:

Me and Addie:

More with me and the girls:

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  1. Nice photos! I realize that I also rarely get in photos with Micah...funny how that is! - Tkeys