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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have two things to report about the word "finally"!

The big news is that Addison finally cut her 1st tooth. One week shy of turning 1, this girl decided she didn't want to be toothless for her 1st birthday. She has been extra fussy lately and we have had trouble getting her down to bed, so this explains a lot. I had almost got to the point where I wasn't checking her gums very often since she was not cutting teeth like her sister, but last night I stuck my finger in her mouth and felt the sharp edge of lower right tooth poking through. Yay Addison!!!!

Riley is still going strong with 6 teeth and I'm sure a few more are getting close.

The next topic about the word finally, is that I finally finished my masters degree. My degree is an MBA with an emphasis in health care administration. I am so happy to not have deadlines over my head anymore. No more papers, no more research, no more school!!!! Woohooo. The girls and I will have more free time together after work and on the weekends. I feel proud of myself for sticking through school for the last 5 years of my life. So much has changed and throughout all the change, I kept my focus and took each step to getting my graduate degree. Jesse is so close as well. He has 2 weeks left and he will be in the same boat. He also has 4.5 weeks left of teaching school before he can enjoy the summer off. What a lucky dad!

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  1. Congratulations Amy!!! What a huge accomplishment on the MBA! I'm so impressed that you have managed to do it all! You are super woman!!! :0)

    I'm glad Addison finally has a tooth! :) She didn't want to be left out apparently!!!