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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cribs, Teeth, and Biting

Now that the girls are mobile and able to sit up, it is time to move their crib mattress down to bottom notch to make sure they don't pull themselves out of the crib. And boy is it a pain to lay your children down in a crib when they are on the very bottom notch. I feel more comfortable knowing they are safe and secure in their cribs now, but I am a little sad to see another milestone hit that means they are growing up.

On to teething. Addison is still our girl with no teeth. If you look in her mouth, you can see the two bottom teeth right below the gum line but for some reason, those teeth will not come through yet. They are really close and I can tell that Addison is feeling the pain. Riley on the other hand is cutting teeth for the both of them. Just the other day she had about 3 teeth coming in at once. She was a hot cranky mess that day to say the least. She has about 6 teeth now. Yesterday was a little better day since most of the teeth finally cut through and she had some relief. So far we haven't had too much interruptions in their sleep patterns even though they are both working on teeth at the same time.

Biting! Ugh...Riley has figured out that she can bite people now. My mom says that she has bitten her a few times and I got to experience her sharp bite last night. I was carrying her into the nursery to feed her and rock her to sleep. As we were going into the room, she leaned her head down and bit down hard on my shoulder. Ouch...that child has some sharp teeth. I know she doesn't know what she is doing but I still tried to tell her no in a stern voice to help her catch on to the no-biting people thing.

There are the baby updates for now.

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  1. Poor Addison - hope they come through soon and give her some relief. We're stuck on 4 teeth per kid. Been like that for quite awhile.

    Not sure on the biting either - Allie will try to hug / kiss Allie and ends up biting on accident so hard to discipline that one but they do it to eachother for toy stealing so we're working on cutting that out.