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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1 Year Well Baby Visit

The girls visit went really well. The great news is that I was given the clearance to move forward with giving the girls cow's milk. Woohoo. No more formula. Looking back, the girls only had to have a small amount of formula for 2.5 short weeks and I didn't even have to buy a can, we just used the 2 cans of samples we were given for free.

This solidifies the beginning of the weaning process. I am currently pumping 5-6 times a day and I want to slowly start dropping pumping sessions and allowing the girls to have small amounts of whole milk to make sure they handle it well. By the San Diego trip in 3.5 weeks I want to be down to 1 or 2 pumps a day to be able to enjoy the vacation rather than setting the day in 3-4 hour increments of time where I have to pump.

Here are the girls' stats:


Weight: 18 pounds 5oz 10th%ile
Length: 28 3/4inches 25-50th%ile
Head: 18 1/2 inches 90th%ile

Keep in mind, the percentiles don't reflect their adjusted age of when they should have been born. If they did that, the girls would be right on the top end of the charts with their head circumference off the charts. :)


Weight: 18 pounds 7oz 10th%ile
Length: 28 1/2inches 25-50th%ile
Head: 18 1/2 inches 90th%ile

It is interesting to see Riley weighing in 2oz bigger than her older sister. I think this is because Riley really likes her carbs like her Gerber puffs and she also sleeps an extra 2 hours a day longer than Addison.

The girls got their vaccinations and did really well with just a few minutes of crying. They also had a repeat hemoglobin test since they were slightly anemic last time but now they are not. Yay Iron rich food. We are going to start moving away from the baby foods and start giving the girls more of our food. They do really well with finger foods and love to feed themselves. We also have to start the transition to the sippy cups. The girls love love love their bottles and haven't liked a single sippy cup yet so this will be a tough one. Riley does well with drinking out of a regular cup and even a straw so she may do better, but only time will tell. If anyone has any suggestions on this, let me know.

All in all, things are going well and the girls are right on track for their adjusted age. They will have a home visit from the developmental specialist in 2 weeks along with a visit with the physical therapist to check on their development. Hopefully we will continue to have good news to report.


  1. I have already introduced the sippy cup to Alayna for juice. I tried ALL KINDS of sippy cups (Avent, Nubby, Tommy Tippee) until I finally figured out that she prefers one that has a top like a bottle nipple. I bought her a cheap Munchkin one from Target and that's the only one she'll take. Try something with the soft silicone top, rather than hard plastic because it's more familiar. =) Hope that helps!

  2. The babies really do well with the Playtex ones with the soft tops and handles. I only give them a little water in there to practice per day but they picked it up right away!

  3. They are doing so well! They are about the same size as Micah at 1 year - they are just so cute! Good luck with the next evals, and they'll get the hang of those sippy cups eventually. It can take a while. - Tkeys