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Saturday, April 17, 2010

March of Dimes 2010

This morning we got up super early to be downtown for the March of Dimes walk by 7am. The girls were really wondering what was going on since they normally go back to sleep after waking up for their 1st bottle rather than jumping into the car.

We got down to he walk site with no hiccups and got ourselves registered. We waited on Brea to show up. She had made our team shirts that had the girls NICU pictures with their birth weights on the front and their "now" pictures on the back. We didn't give enough time for the task so Brea made iron on prints of their pictures. Next year we will have custom shirts made. Despite our procrastination, we got a few comments on our shirts.

Here is Brea and me together with our shirts. It is hard to see the pictures but they looked much better in person:

The girls were very tired and cranky when we started the walk. By this point, they were well past their morning nap time and all the noise and stimulation was wearing on them.

Here is Addie with Brea right before the start:

And Riley with Daddy:

Ready to go:



After we got going, the girls had a bottle and we had them lay back in the stroller and after some fussing, they took a nap for about the 1st mile or so. Once they woke up, they were happy campers and had fun seeing all the people doing the walk.

It was an emotional day to see all the survivors along with the babies that didn't make it. I had tears in my eyes several times throughout the race. I kept thinking back to when I did this walk in high school when the "cause" didn't mean much to me. Now after having preemie babies, I have a new appreciation for the little miracles we do have.

Here is a shot after the race and a smile out of Addie

We look forward to doing this again next year when the girls can walk some of the walk with us. Thank you to everyone who supported this cause and made a contribution to team Addison and Riley this year!


  1. It was very emotional and it was great to be a part of it..especially now that it has meaning. Oh and I found out is used to be 15-18 miles!! Maybe that's why we felt so exhausted in high school LOL! We are definitely on the shirts for next year since I will only have to wait for their updated pic :)

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like a great new tradition. - Tkeys