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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Monday, July 27, 2009

3 Months Old

The girls turned 3 months old officially yesterday. They are now 13 weeks old if you are counting that way. I'm hoping to get in and get some family pictures done for their 3 month pictures. Jesse and I have been too tired and stressed to get ourselves primped and dressed up to do family shots so we have just done the girls by themselves for pictures. I'm hoping we can get in to do those pictures this weekend. I still haven't scanned their 2 month pictures...tack that on to the "to do list" also.

Jesse and I were on our own this weekend with the girls. My sister had a friend in town and enjoyed some time off from the girls. Friday night my mom Linda came out and helped Jesse with the girls until 12am while I got a good couple of hours sleep before I had to pump. From then the girls were pretty good. Addison has been consistently sleeping through the night. Riley was a little fussy but I was able to calm her down and hold her while she went back to sleep. I spent most of Saturday running around and doing our grocery shopping, laundry, and house cleaning. Right when I was ready to start some homework, the girls decided to be fussy. They were fussy all afternoon and into the evening. Jesse got Addison to sleep around 9 while I got my 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Riley went down as well but decided to get up at 12:30 with me pumping after daddy went to bed. Riley then proceeded to fuss from 12:30 until I finally got her to sleep at 5am. She had a bottle an hour from 12 to 4am and just seemed upset about everything. I tried the gripe water, gas relief, and finally Tylenol to help her feel better. Finally after the Tylenol, she was able to fall asleep. During that 4 hour stretch of time, both mommy and baby cried together. I was over tired and stressed out about the paper I needed to write the next day. I needed a good night sleep in order to be productive and Riley was just making that impossible. I'm not sure why she is so fussy at night. We keep her up during the day in hopes of her be able to sleep during the night but nothing is working. She is capable of sleeping 5-6 hour stretches once she falls asleep but that is usually in the early morning to late morning hours.

I spent Sunday trying to work on my homework and get the house work completed. I was sleep deprived and the girls were fussy through out the day. I was able to get part of my paper written but I have about half of it left to get done today. Then I can breathe a sigh of relief until next weekend when it is time to complete another assignment. Having newborn babies, working, and going to school is more work than I thought. I just hope things get easier as the girls get older and Riley gets on board with the sleeping at night thing. Wish us all luck.

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  1. Do you have the girls sleeping on an incline? If it is reflux, then laying flat can make everything worse at night. I found that the crib wedge, zantac, and tylenol as needed to relieve pain worked wonders! The other thing that causes Micah fussiness is getting over-tired. I had to be VERY protective of getting him naps often throughout the day from 2 months - 4 months because he wasn't so good at telling me. Even now, if he doesn't nap enough during the day, we have a late afternoon/evening fussy session. Hope things ease up with Riley soon, and I'm so glad you've got Addison sleeping. - Tkeys