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Monday, July 6, 2009

Crazy Turn of Events

I knew that going back to work was going to be stressful but I was not prepared for things to get really stressful. My sister is out of town on a planned vacation that just happened to fall on the weekend before I go back to work. She isn't due home until late tonight. So knowing this I enlisted my mother to help me over the weekend so I could get some sleep and get things done before heading back to work. My mom came over on Thursday night and was staying at our house through Monday to watch the girls until my sister got home.

So Thursday night through Saturday night were complete disasters. The babies didn't want to sleep for anything and Addison was being a complete pill. My mom wasn't prepared for the lack of sleep at all. Now to back track, my mom has Epilepsy but she doesn't have seizures often unless their is an increased stress in her life. Well, 3 nights of no sleep spells stress for my mom and she had a seizure late Sunday morning. At least she had gone to go take a nap and she was in bed when it happened. I don't know what would of happened if she had one while taking care of the girls. Anyway, she is doing okay now but I couldn't have her watch the girls on Monday after what happened.

So after the seizure, Jesse and I went into freak out mode trying to figure out how we were going to get through the night and get some sleep before going to work and who was going to watch the girls on Monday. My step mom volunteered to come over and help with the night shift (bless her heart) and my friend Brea could come out at watch the girls. So we got the plan in motion and my step-mom came over and let me sleep all night so I could be awake and work the next day, but in the process, she didn't get much sleep. Addison is still cranky at night and isn't going much longer than a 2 hour stretch without crying or needing to feed. Riley can go 5 hours without waking up but Addison is making it hard for anyone to get sleep. I wish we could figure out what to do to help her sleep more.


  1. ugh, I'm so sorry you've had such a rough few days. I hope your day at work went alright and that things settle down for you! Wishing you the best!!!!

  2. huge hugs. i am sure it's tough. I hope your ma is ok. And I am sure the days will get easier. (and nights) Good luck with your sis coming!!!

  3. First, I'm so sorry about your mom - hope she is doing better. That must have been scary!

    You just have to hang in there. This sounds crazy, but the fact that your sister is out of town could be the "culprit." They are used to her, and how she tends to them at night, and they want what is familiar. See if it gets better when your sister returns!

    I found that you just need to play with all kinds of things. Try swaddling them tighter or looser. Give a bigger feeding before bed. Make sure to feed more often during the day so they get all their feedings in and don't need more at night. Sometimes, and increase in hunger can show up as more night wakings. Sometimes it is just a growth spurt. See if they need an increase in their bottles. Try making the room darker, or lighter, try music or white noise (or turn off music/white noise). You just keep trying different things, and SOMETHING will work.

    I hope it gets easier and that today went well for you!

    - Tess