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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Addison's Cardiology Appointment

I was entirely too tired to post this update yesterday. By the end of the week I am completely exhausted and I just need some sleep to catch up on everything.
So Addison's appointment went really well. She weighed 9 pounds 11 ounces and she is now 22 inches long. I thought she was a little closer to 10 pounds but that is still great weight gain according to the cardiologist.
Addison had another EKG done and all looked normal. The doctor said that all was normal on the Holter Monitor so we are inclined to think that she hasn't had another SVT episode since the one in the NICU. The doctor listened to her heart and everything sounded perfect. Here is Addison looking a litte upset that they needed to listen to her heart:
Photobucket Photobucket
Addison was a pretty good girl. She doesn't like her blood pressure taken but she did much better with the EKG this time. The assistant waived her fingers in the air and Addison was completely enthralled with the movement which allowed her to stay still and get a good reading.

We discussed the medication situation and the doctor agreed that we should not have to wake a sleeping baby just to give her medication. Her medication scheduled has been changed from 0.3 ml every 6 hours to 0.6ml every 8 hours. This will allow her to sleep and drop a whole dose out of her schedule. Since Addison has not had anther episode, the plan is to keep her at the same dose even though her weight has gone up. Normally the medication would increase with her weight but the doctor wants to try and wean her off of it eventually so we will keep the same dose and as Addison gains weight the dose will become smaller and smaller for her weight until she doesn't need the medicine at all.

This is all great news and we are happy that she may outgrown this condition.


  1. I am so happy the appointment went well and it appears she may have or will outgrown the condition! YAY Addison!! How has Riley been on the sleeping front?

  2. I'm glad everything looked good, and that is great news about the medicine schedule! Hopefully you will start getting more sleep, if Riley gets on board.

  3. Wonderful news! Glad all is going well with Addison!

  4. That's awesome news Amy!! Congrats and glad everything is going well with Addison!! I hope that you can get Riley on a better sleep schedule soon too!!