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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another long sleep for Addison

So my little sleeper girl has done it two nights in a row. Last night I gave the girls their bath and bed time bottle at about 7pm and put them to bed. Addison slept from 7pm all the way until 5am this morning. I am so proud of her. My only concern is she missed a dose of her heart medicine. I have a follow up appointment for her at her cardiologist tomorrow and I will ask about this because she is supposed to take her medication every 6 hours but I don't want to wake a sleeping baby to give her the medicine. I wonder if we can give a bigger dose at night or something that may allow her to sleep all night if she learning how to do that.

Riley on the other hand was a monster in a baby costume again. She slept from 7pm until 12am. Woke up for a bottle and a fuss session. Sara got her back to sleep around 2am and she slept until 3:30 and woke again for a bottle and a fuss session. She was still fussing when I left the house at 5am. I'm starting to wonder if she is having a little bit of reflux because she is crying more and having the hiccups. She is also swallowing weird after she eats like she is trying to keep her food down. I'm thinking we need another peds appointment to have her checked out. Of course she is sleeping a bunch during the day because she is up all night so maybe she just needs to get her schedule figured out.


  1. Yay for sleeping so well, Addison! I'm sorry you are having a tougher time with Riley - I think you may be right about the reflux. Hopefully, addressing that will solve your sleeping issue, too. It sounds like you are doing all the right things.

    Good luck at the appt tomorrow - hopefully, the cardiologist will be able to work with you on the medicines.

    Glad things are working so well with Sara and that you are getting some time to do your classwork. It really is a juggling act sometimes, but it will get easier as they get older. Soon, they'll hold their own bottles, and they'll play with toys - it makes a world of difference!

    BTW - I also was thinking that your latest pics of them look more alike. It should be interesting to see how they grow. My nieces didn't look anything alike (they are 1 year apart). But, suddenly, the last few weeks they are starting to look more similar. It is interesting to see how they change and develop.

    - Tkeys

  2. Poor Riley -hope she can get the day/night thing figured out. The girls (both) still get the hiccups all the time but luckily doesn't seem to interfere much.

    Hope a different dosage works or something can be done so you don't have to wake Addison up (hate to mess her up sleeping through the night)

    Girls are in bed usually by 9 and yeah from 9-10 has now become "the guaranteed" hour to get everything I want done.