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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

I feel as though we should do something special to celebrate our country's birthday with the girls, but they are too young to really enjoy anything about today's festivities. For one, it is 110 degrees here in Phoenix and little babies don't need to be out in that heat, nor do they really want to hear the loud bangs of the fireworks. The girls did get cute little 4th of July dresses from their great Gram and Aunt Sarah. We planned on putting them in those dresses today but we didn't want them to ruin the dresses early in the day so right now they are just wearing onesies. We are taking the girls to JC Penney's tomorrow 2 month/4th of July pictures so we may save the dresses for tomorrow.
Speaking of clothes, the girls were wearing preemie size clothes for the longest time and I couldn't really find preemie clothes in the stores so we rotated the same few outfits. Recently they moved out of the preemie diapers and out of the preemie clothes and into the newborn ones. Now all of the sudden they have grown out of their newborn clothes, especially the Carter's ones that run really small. I just went through my giant bin of clothes that I got from my shower and some other twin familes in the area and I found a a ton of 0-3 month clothes that they can now wear. I was sad to see some clothes that they never wore that they have already outgrown. I guess that is common when you have children and people give you all kids of clothes, and many don't fit the season. I wish I had someone to pass these clothes off to since we don't plan on having any more children. Maybe I can put them up for sale on Craigslist or donate them.
Now on to the girls' problem with sleeping at night. We had another semi-bad night with them. They started their fuss session at 10:00pm and this lasted until 2:30am. The girls take turns screaming their heads off, eating several bottles, and eventually falling asleep once grandma and mom are exhausted. So once again I had very little sleep and I am wondering how I am going to survive going back to work. Sara plans on doing the night shift with them but I hate to put her through nights like we have been having. I just hope we are on the tail end of this growth spurt and the girls will begin to go to sleep earlier and sleep longer here in the near future. Someone tell me this gets easier.
Now for some cute pictures:
Addison just spit up on Riley
We are just hanging out

Addison with my Mom

Riley falling asleep in her swing


  1. It gets easier!

    Hang in there. You'll just have to keep trying different things. This could be a growth spurt. It could be a sign they are ready to go to bed earlier, or need more naps during the day. Micah had some HORRIBLE nights around 8 weeks, and it turned out, he needed to go to bed earlier. I had been feeding him every 3 hours until about 11 or 12, and then letting him go until he woke up. Well, he didn't want to be up for feedings at 9 and 12 . . . he wanted to sleep. I tried putting him to sleep after his 8:00 feeding, and he slept for 9 hours.

    You'll just have to experiment - it could be a 2 month thing, it could mean they need bigger bottles during the day, it could mean they need more naps or an earlier bedtime - try different things, and something will work. - Tkeys

  2. It does get easier! You remind me of those sleepness nights and you can look at us 9 months out and see that it DOES get better. Cohen wasn't a good sleeper either and I thought I was going to die from exhaustion. I didn't have to go to work but I had Braedon so it wasn't like I could sleep when Cohen slept. But I does get better :-) Oh and you need to save some clothes for me-I WILL have a girl LOL! We are planning and spring summer baby to seperate the birthdays better and that should put it at the right season for your clothes :-D

  3. I love love the first picture! You could even do an "insert funny caption" contest with it.

  4. It does get easier (and I'll say that even though whenever people told me that I usually wanted to throw something at them) :)

    Besides a couple really bad nights this week the last month they've been slowly extending night bottles more and more and usually not fussing at all from 10pm until 4 or 5.

    So I've been debating taking ours to get pictures? I know you did once already and how did that go? I'd like to but if they are really fussy / not cooperating could be a trainwreck of an event.

  5. That first picture is doll. It's almost like Riley is thinking...what the heck she did that for???? To cute and I can't believe how big they are starting to get!