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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Broke My Phone

So last night I realized that Addison's heart medicine was running low and I need to call the cardiologist and get a refill authorized. I was supposed to get her Rx refill at her appointment but I completely forgot. So I decided to stick her medicine bottle in my purse to remind me at work to call the cardiologist. Well little did I know, the cap was not on all the way and spilled right on my cell phone in my purse.

Now the screen is locked down and the buttons are covered in the medication syrup. Luckily, I have insurance but in this instance I was actually eligible for an upgrade on my phone. So now I have to wait for the phone to be shipped out. They said it probably won't arrive until Monday so I will be using one of our old phones until then. I may have lost all the numbers in my phone book so if you are reading this and I have your number, you might want to get in touch with me so I can put you back in my phone book.

Now on to the girls. They have both been great in the evenings with little fussing. I think the increase on their feedings is helping. Riley is still all mixed up on her schedule, awake at night and sleeping during the day. We really need to work on getting that switched around to a normal schedule. This takes effort on Sara's part and she will need to flip her schedule around as well. Until some changes are made, Riley will continue to do the same thing each day and won't learn the difference between night and day like Addison has. Since I'm not there during the day, I don't have the ability to keep Riley up so Sara will need to modify her schedule and Riley's schedule in order for this to work. Wish us luck that we can get this fixed soon.

School is going fairly well I am getting the easy stuff done during the week but the homework is pretty intense. I enjoy finance and numbers but I am not good at the actual statisical math applications so I will be meeting with my brother Steven once agian to get some help on the formulas. Only 4 more weeks to go in this class, then it is on to "Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory issues in Healthcare".


  1. I don't know how you do it Amy!! Work, school, and twins!! WOW!! You are super mom! Thank goodness you have your sister there to help with the girls. I hope that's working out for you guys. Do you ever feel like it would be a strain on your relationship with her or are you guys able to work everything out? You are amazing, I don't how you do it all!! :)

  2. Alison ~ It is a little strain on the relationship. I'm seven years older than my sister and we don't relate on the same level but we love each other. She is a super messy person and I am an organized neat freak. I guess you have to be when you are a mom and a mom of multiples. So it is hard when I am always cleaning up after her, but I can't beat having her live in my house and take care of the girls. Eventually they will go into day care but I like that they get to stay home for at least the 1st year. Thanks for the compliments.
    I know you will be an awesome mom here very soon!

  3. Not a good week for phones! My speaker went out (so I can text but can't hear anyone on the other end) and hubby took my upgrade :( Not happy. Using his really old phone.

    Your girls have an up on ours - ours tend to get fussy in the evening. (not sure why last night Audrey didn't want to sleep at all.)