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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Best Smile in the World

First Addison Smile Caught on Camera

Riley Trying to Smile

Riley in the bath

Addison in the bath

I posted earlier that the girls are starting to smile. Addison has been smiling a lot the last few days but we haven't been able to catch it on camera. Today, Riley started giving us her big smiles as well. I never thought such a normal human action would bring such extreme joy to my life. I am almost in tears each time my girls look up at me and give me those big toothy grins. Riley was just in love with Jesse earlier today. He was talking to her and asking her what was wrong because she started crying and she just looked up at him and started smiling and almost laughing at her daddy. I think she forgot why she was crying and she just sat there and smiled at Jesse for a good couple of minutes. We are just so happy that the girls are developing so well despite their prematurity. They bring such joy into our lives. Finally we got Addison's smile on camera and Riley tried to give us a smile but she didn't quite make it on camera.

I really enjoyed this weekend more than most weekends after returning to work and not seeing the girls during the day. Riley slept on my chest in the early morning hours on both Saturday and Sunday morning. I missed feeding them early in the morning and then falling back asleep with them on my chest. My weekends are no longer about sleeping in and being lazy, they are now filled with time at home with the girls, and maybe a little extra house work. As the weekend comes to an end, I am faced with another week at work. I think each week will get easier and we will all get into a routine that works for the whole family.

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  1. Beautiful smile Addison! Riley, you'll get there! It is amazing how just the little things make your heart melt once you have babies. I'm so glad you are able to experience this now..wait for the first time they say Mama and know it means you...and then when they say I love you the first time! It's the best feeling in the world!