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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random Thoughts

So today we get a phone call from the hospital where the girls were born saying they have some problems getting some of the insurance claims paid on the girls. Apparently our insurance only had one of the girls on the policy, newborn Prather. The billing person at the hospital says that our insurance company has trouble understanding twins. After some investigation I found out that the girls were added to Jesse's policy that we had switched to when my insurance ran out in the end of April. So the time period from the day the girls were born April 26th to the 30th, the insurance company was only paying claims on one baby. I then had to contact our HR and add the girls to my termed policy to make sure those claims were paid. What a headache!

I had to take my car in for an oil change and a look at the brakes. I had the brakes completely redone about 20,000 miles ago and the brakes have never felt right. I found out that the right side was almost completely worn while the left side had only 10% wear. How does that happen? I have no idea so I replaced the other side with another $200 dollars down the drain.

School is already giving me stress because I can't find as much time to do my homework as I used to. I have to find some time at work on break where I can have some quiet time to read my text books and work on my papers. I sure hope I can make it out of this finance class alive.

On to the girls, Addison slept almost all night starting at 7pm after her bath until well into the night where she had a feeding and then went back to bed and didn't wake again until about 5am. Riley on the other hand slept until 12am and thought it was time to get up and play and fuss off and on until after 7 in the morning. So we can win with one baby but not the other. So because Riley was up all morning, she slept all day and we all know what is in store for tonight again. Ugh...we are trying to get them on a better schedule and help them separate night time from day time. Addison seems to be getting that concept much better. I think the increased Zantac is really helping her out. We did give her some Maalox in the evening when she appeared to be having a little acid attack but she recovered quickly and went right to sleep after her bath.


  1. Hopefully Riley will figure it out soon -ugh I hated those days where they slept all day knowing we'd be in a for a long night.

    Hubby offered the suggestion of a stuck caliper on the brakes (?? ok i know nothing about that)

  2. Thanks Julie ~ The mechanic also suggested the stuck caliper on the brakes. They feel much better now that the right side was replaced. We will check the caliper (whatever the hell that is) later if we still have problems. LOL